Construction of a New Electrochemical Sensor Based on MoS2 Nanosheets Modified Graphite Screen Printed Electrode for Simultaneous Determination of Diclofenac and Morphine

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Chemistry, Payame Noor University, P. O. Box: 19395-4697, Tehran, Iran


This study used a hydrothermal method to synthesize MoS2 nanosheets (NSs). The study also utilized various analytical procedures to characterize the MoS2 NSs. It has been found that XRD, in particular, gave information on the crystal structure of the MoS2 NSs. These NSs have been visible with SEM. In addition, EDX has been used to scrutinize MoS2 NSs formation. Moreover, MoS2 NSs modified graphite screen printed electrode (MoS2 NSS/GSPE) has been built by dropping the MoS2 NSS onto GSPE for making a voltammetric sensor as well as the evaluation of the morphine voltammetric behavior. Findings showed stronger electro-catalytic oxidation of MoS2 NSS for morphine with a more negative potential. Consequently, the modified electrode enabled the simultaneous detection of diclofenac and morphine with the peak potential at 0.47 V and 0.27 V. Results indicated linear response in a concentration range between 0.05 and 600.0 μM (morphine) with 0.03 μM limit of detection (LOD). Finally, the modified electrode has been substantially utilized for analyzing diclofenac and morphine in the samples of diclophenac tablet, urine, and morphine ampoule with acceptable recovery and accuracy.