Mesoporous Carbon Nanomaterial-Phytochemical Based Electro-active Composite Preparation and its Application for Selective Hydrazine Sensing

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Chemistry-PG, St. Anns’ College for Women, Mehdipatnnam, Hyderabad-500028, India


This work reports preparation of a graphitized mesoporous carbon and a phytochemical; piperine based electro-active composite. The composite was chemically modified over a glassy carbon electrode, designated as GCE/GMC@pp. The GCE/GMC@pp exhibited a highly stable redox peak at E1/2 =0.2 V vs. Ag/AgCl in pH 7 phosphate buffer solution (PBS). Further, the prepared electrode gave exceptionally selective response towards Hydrazine (HyD) sensing at E0=0.235 V vs Ag/AgCl . In addition, the sensor gave a linear response towards the changing HyD concentration from 10µM-90µM with the limit of detection as 120 nM. To explore the practical applicability, effect of interference with co-existing analytes like H2O2, Pb+2, Cd+2, NO2-3, NO2-2, Cr(II), Arsenic (Ars) were studied and an interference mitigated response was observed. Finally, a real sample of tap water was tested and an appreciable recovery values were obtained. Overall, the prepared composite exhibited excellent electro-catalytic activity towards HyD and has great a potential for the real time trace HyD detection.