Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 3, July 2023 
Multivariate Authentication of Herbs and Spices through UV-Vis and FT-IR Fingerprint

Pages 301-317


Maryam Abbasi-Tarighat; Gholamreza Abdi; Farideh Heidari Ghorghosheh; Kowsar Shahmohammadi Bayatiyani

Development of Circulating Electrocoagulation as a Novel Technique for the Treatment of Raw Vinasse Effluents of Ethanol Production Industries

Pages 319-327


Rahimeh Alizadeh; Khalil Farhadi; Mohammad Taghi Ghaneian; Mohammad Hasan Ehrampoush; Sara Jambarsang; Mohammad Hossein Salmani; Taher Ahmadzadeh Kokya